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There's a party on the 16th floor.

1. Name and nickname, if you have one. -
Meg, a few nicknames include, Mischa, Gimpy, and Cripple.
3. Location. - Winter Park, Florida
4. Favorite bands. -  Misfits, the blood brothers, Incubus, sleater-kinney, the cranberries
5. Favorite books. - To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Count Of Monte Cristo, Riding for my Life:Julie Krone(a biography), Jane Eyre.
6. What is the word?
- sugar pop
7. Favorite movies. - snatch, bull durham, empire records, SLC punk!, kill bill, the breakfast club.

How do you feel about:
1.Hardcore -
love it, cant say much moer but i love it!
2. Emo? - its good in small doses, too much can get annoying.
3. Scene? - uhk
4. Straight edge? - its your choice, if thats your thing, awesome, if not, thats cool too. its all in your own oppinion.
5. Goths? - a very interesting idea, but im friends with Goth kids, they are people, not grimey little freaks, people.
6. Gays? - once again, people. Love is love, you cant change that.

Please post 3-10 photos of you. In at least one we have to be able to see your full face. Please no totally photoshopped pics. Clearing up a blemish is OK, but your eyes really aren't fucking purple. No.

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