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giving it another shot

velvet_geisha allowed me to reapply



1. Name and nickname, if you have one. Emily and Pepper thanks to mah homie david


3. Location. Redmond, WA

4. Favorite bands. Placebo, AFI (heh you all know that one), David Bowie, Red hot chili peppers, NIN, Jimi Hendrix, the 69 eye, and yeah if I continued we wouldn't be out of here before breakfast.

5. Favorite books. Every Breath you take by anne rule, Helter Skelter (at the moment I can't remember the author), dracula by bram stoker, exquisite corpse by Poppy Z. Brite,and sloppy firsts (another book where I can't remember the auther)

6. What is the word? sugarpop

7. Favorite movies. Newsies, pulp fiction, fear and loathing in las vegas, girl interrupted, Hedwig and the angry inch, rocky horror picture show, nightmare before chistmas, and the crow



How do you feel about:

1. Hardcore?

2. Emo?  I really don't like how people will refer to that as an insult such as 'your are so emo.' I mean when you look at it everyone at some point in their life has their emo moment.

3. Scene? Showers are good for you.

4. Straight edge? I really have to be honest in saying that I don't know waht to say about that certain group of people, but I do believe that they are good people for not needing to smoke weed to feel.

5. Goths? I hate how people treat them like they are a whole different species. I mean they aren't "depressed", "mopey" or "different", they are themselves, who have joined together for a love of a certain genre of music and clothing style.

6. Gays? Dude, so what. So a guy loves a guy, or a girl loves a girl...it has always been there always gonna be there.  I mean being gay does not change who they are as a friend so they might be a guy and think your boy friend is hot, big deal.




I look like a guy in that one...but a sexy guy.

okay I am done go on and vote, I love you all even if I have no idea who you are.

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