xitsallafacadex (xitsallafacadex) wrote in thesex_ontoast,


so today after I got out of the shower I was bored.
so I was like HEY! How about I cut my hair!?
And I did.


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I'm assuming the date is wrong? Haha, but either way the hair looks hot! Are you happy with it? I like it , I don't think anything like that would look good on me though. Boobs look nice too!
The guy in the second pic looks kinda like Ludacris... that's a good thing...
awww i love it
cute hair babe! oh god jeremy's hair is longer than mine.
I know!!
And thank you my wonderful great darling <3
wow the guy in the third pic looks like my old friend pat but pat moved to hawaii.
plus you are perdiful!